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  • Editorial: Summer Reading 2015

    2015–09–23 | Comments Off on Editorial: Summer Reading 2015

    Photo by Flickr user Moyan_Brenn of Moyan Brenn Photography (CC BY 2.0) Editors from In The Library With The Lead Pipe are taking a break from our regular schedule to share our summer reading favs. Tell us what you’ve been reading these last few months in the comments! By Editorial Board, Hugh Rundle, Ellie Collier, Annie Pho, Erin Dorney, Bethany Messersmith, Lindsey…

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  • Unpacking and overcoming “edutainment” in library instruction

    2015–09–09 | 2 comments

    Photo by Flickr user Jen Kim (CC BY 4.0) In Brief Within our field, and more widely, there is a way of thinking that equates effective teaching with effective entertaining. This way of thinking can be referred to as a “discourse of edutainment.” It underpins some of the publications and conversations that encourage librarians to make their teaching…

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