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  • Social Media at The College of New Jersey Library

    2017–01–18 | Comments Off on Social Media at The College of New Jersey Library

    In Brief: This article discusses how and why The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) Library decided not to develop library-specific social media channels and why other academic institutions should consider a similar approach. For many years, most literature on social media was how-to based (Jacobson, 2011); as a result, when academic librarians discuss engaging students,…

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  • Liaisons as Sales Force: Using Sales Techniques to Engage Academic Library Users

    2017–01–05 | 5 comments

    In Brief Liaison librarians are assuming a wide variety of new roles that serve their institutions’ students, staff, and faculty. An essential foundation of these new roles is the ability to engage with the liaison’s user community. These engagement skills are not necessarily natural or innate, nor are they skills that most liaison librarians have…

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