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  • From Accidental to Intentional Library Management: The RISWS Approach

    2017–05–31 | 2 comments

    In Brief: Considering that just one of the two ALA-accredited MLIS programs in Illinois requires completion of even a single management course, good management practice is often left to on-the-job happenstance. How do you manage the personnel and political dynamics of your team when you can’t stop the clock and go to a management seminar?…

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  • Preservation in Practice: A Survey of New York City Digital Humanities Researchers

    2017–05–17 | 1 comment

    In Brief Digital Humanities (DH) describes the emerging practice of interpreting humanities content through computing methods to enhance data gathering, analysis, and visualization. Due to factors including scale, complexity, and uniqueness, the products of DH research present unique challenges in the area of preservation. This study collected data with a survey and targeted interviews given…

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  • The Innovation in Libraries Awesome Foundation Chapter

    2017–05–03 | Comments Off on The Innovation in Libraries Awesome Foundation Chapter

    In Brief: This article discusses the creation, philosophy, and future directions of the Innovation in Libraries Awesome Foundation Chapter, a grassroots crowdfunding initiative incubated within Library Pipeline. On May 1st, The Innovation in Libraries Awesome Foundation Chapter will distribute its monthly call for grant applications across a global network. On May 15th, The Innovation in Libraries…

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