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  • Our Blog is Your Blog

    2010–08–18 | 7 comments

    by Editorial Board This issue of In the Library with the Lead Pipe is devoted to you, dear reader: your requests, suggestions, and questions for the six of us blogging under the Lead Pipe banner. Since we began this blog nearly two years ago, we have collaborated every few months on a group post to…

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  • Making Connections: YAAN as a Paper Blog?

    2010–04–14 | 12 comments

    by Cindy Welch Brooke Shields is a descendant of Louis XIV; Emmett Smith is seven percent Native American; and Matthew Broderick’s ancestor fought at Gettysburg. We learn these things courtesy of a new television show called “Who Do you think You Are?,” which follows the rich and famous as they trace their family trees. For…

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