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  • On the Internet, with the Exploded Text

    2011–03–09 | 8 comments

    Looking at print books from a writer’s first-person perspective By Jessamyn West I wrote a book in 2009 and 2010. It’s getting published this year (2011) sometime. Let me tell you about what it’s like writing a print book for a large trade publisher during the long leisurely sunset of print. It was different from…

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  • Disappearances

    2011–01–12 | Comments Off on Disappearances

    In the Library with the Lead Pipe welcomes David B. Morris. In between twenty years as a self-employed writer, Morris held professorships at the University of Iowa, at the University of Virginia, and at Stanford University. His wider understanding of books and lives owes much to his wife, Ruth, a technical services librarian and library…

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