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  • Editorial: What we’ve been up to

    2018–02–21 | No comments

    Your editors at Lead Pipe wanted to share some of the things we’ve been working on and thinking about, Lead Pipe aside. Enjoy!   Amy One of the projects I work on at my library is the Civic Lab, a pop-up participatory program initiative centered around facilitating deeper exploration of how our government works, social…

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  • Editorial: Recent Reads

    2017–07–26 | No comments

    It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, and your editors at In the Library with the Lead Pipe are busy keeping up with the influx of patrons, with improving our instruction programs, and with other joys of summer. As always, we’re also thinking of ways librarians can improve our profession. Here’s a few recent articles that we’ve…

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  • Editorial: Introductions All Around

    2015–12–30 | 3 comments

    In Brief: Over the past year, the Editorial Board has experienced some changes (yay, growing pains!). In this group post, current board members introduce themselves and talk about the types of articles they’d love to see submitted in 2016. We also thank all of our emeritus board members for their hard work shaping In The…

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